Angelina Jolie: Ageless Beauty

Angelina Jolie, with flawless skin and lustrous locks, is considered to be among the most desirable women in the world. Just when being a girl child Angelina Jolie owned a impressive and mature beauty. Over time, the 35-year-old actress has become more and more gorgeous and alluring. The star of “Salt” has recently been voted to be the world’s most powerful celebrity, she may be powerful not only in playing talent and finance ability but also in her ageless beauty. The following images show off the ageless beauty of Angelina Jolie over time.


The photo was shot in 1986 when Angelina Jolie was just a little girl. She, fully named Angelina Jolie Voight, is the daughter of the former talented man Jon Voight


The high school student- Angelina (1991)


Angelina Jolie, step by step, conquered the entertainment industry (1998)


The American actress looked a little secret with the role in “Tomb Raider” (2001)


With the success of “Beyond Borders”, Angelina was honored as the most stylish movie star (2003)


In 2004, Angelina Jolie was voted as the world’s most beautiful woman


Elegance of the 32-year-old woman (2007)


This was the time Angelina was pregnant with twins Vivienne and Knox (2008)


Getting impressed by her sophisticated makeup style (2009)


She is sometimes adored by such a simple and elegant style (2009)


This is the current image of Angelina (2010), It seems there is no change over time in her beauty. Recently, she has been polled to be the Beauty Icon of the Decade



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