Auto Beauty Experts Teach You How To Car Antioxidant

Stopping layer of dust, one day suddenly the heavy rain, rain does not wash to clean the car, instead the body is beginning to look dirty. When we washed the car with water and then hand you will feel when touching the paint finish is very rough. This is the oxidation of elements contained in dust and paint each other occurs after the reaction caused the formation of one phenomenon. Here we talk about how to make your Car Maintain higher antioxidant properties.

First, we should understand “the protective layer is oxidized paint,” how it was. The so-called oxidation is rust. Image point speaking, paint oxidation protection layer is like a rusty nail becomes rough as the ultimate loss. Means paint off the surface protective layer is gone, no longer have the possibility to protect the paint. Did not finish the protective layer and exposed in the air will be affected by the air dust and acid rain acid-base washing liquid substances and erosion, deterioration of paint quality and gradually began to change from the dry and the rough. Increasing oxide thickness, finish getting dull. It’s like human skin, like every other cycle, there will be many dead cells (commonly known as the dead cells) deposited on the surface, thus affecting the skin’s luster and health.

Auto body painting metal parts to prevent rust, but also to the beauty of the body. The reason for repeated spraying several layers of paint to create a more beautiful more complex and subtle paint color bar. These are all we know. Paint with hard and soft good or bad, but can not be completely anti-oxidation, and the presence in the paint in numerous not observed with the naked eye “holes.” Through these very fine “pores” would seep into the water. Therefore, if multi-layer paint coating is not repeated, will not have the purpose of rust. These “holes” in the location of an irregular arrangement of multi-layer coating layers after the “holes” arranged in a straight line through the overlap between the finish of the opportunity to become very small, so paint can reach water infiltration, the purpose of rust . This is an important mission finish. But no matter how much spray layer, top layer of paint is still exposed to the outside world, the water still through “pores” penetrate the surface of the coating caused by oxidation. This is the paint itself is unable to overcome. In addition, the finish of oxidation and other factors also are related. In order to meet customer demand, made with a variety of techniques to paint the hard paint, metallic paint, pearl paint and many other varieties, and make it beautiful, subtle changes in each color combination again. Made a variety of colors to paint with a known pigment colorants, the coloring agent containing a variety of mostly metal components, the paint itself is easily oxidized components.

To suppress the oxidation of pigment, usually mixed with a transparent resin coating to form a package shape, because to be a paint, so had to paint in the paint to prevent oxidation. However, the wrap itself is weak acid resin paint substances. Therefore, a certain sense in itself is easily oxidized paint ingredients. Because of its ease of oxidation of paint, if not to finish in any form of protection, paint oxidation would have been going. Therefore, in order to prevent the oxidation of paint, the paint must be some form of protection.

Called “fading” is actually the color of oxygen? ? Results. We all know that most cleaning agents on the market have the ability to grind, why? If there is dirt, with a detergent can be cleansed. However, if the “fade”, then not to have been oxidized paint (paint) polishing off, “fading” problem solving can not afford to. Usually carried out by polishing and grinding is the side of a record fine scratches in the paint edges to polish away the oxide pigments. Remove oxides and stains, scratches and polished form of “fading” problem solving, to finish the re-emergence of bright luster. But in the process of polishing and grinding the trauma caused to the finish but will increase with the aforesaid easily oxidized paint exposed to accelerated oxidation. This method not only shortens the life of paint, but also a more accelerated oxidation stains attached, is a vicious cycle.

To prevent paint oxidation, if the use of effective protective film covers paint, completely cut off from oxidation factors direct contacts with the finish, we can solve the water from the “holes” lead paint pigment oxidation infiltration problems. This would protect the new car paint, so that to maintain lasting bright. But to pay attention to the use of the protective film must be their own products without any oxidation of ingredients.