Basic Hairdressing Courses

If you’re going to go to a college in order to learn how to become a hairdresser, you might be interested in learning what type of hairdressing courses will be taking.

Here are some of the basic courses that you will take when you are learning how to be a hairdresser.

1. Techniques – you will learn about the various techniques that you use when you are shampooing, conditioning, perming, relaxing, and coloring hair. You’ll be learning the latest techniques, and you will get to practice everything that you learn.

2. Health and safety – it is very important to know things such as how to recognize conditions that could be contagious, such as a lice infestation or a fungal infection in the scalp. By being able to recognize these conditions quickly, you can make sure that they are not spread to other clients. You will also learn sterilization techniques and other sanitizing requirements. Many of the procedures that you learn will be required by the health department of your local government in order to make sure that your establishment is in compliance with any regulations.

3. Salon duties – you will also learn different duties that are required in various salons. For example, you will learn how to handle scheduling of clients and also how to create work schedules. You will learn how to answer the phone properly and to correctly record messages and appointments. Other examples of duties you will learn about would be how to fill out paperwork properly and how to fill out a customer receipt properly so that she will get charged correctly.

These are just some of the basic hairdressing courses that you will have when you attend a reputable college. These courses are designed to help you be successful in your hairdressing career. While the individual courses that are offered may vary, the basic material that they cover should be similar.