Beauty Salon Marketing – How To’s For Your Salon Business

Beauty Marketing How To’s For Your Salon Business

Beauty marketing is big business even during a recession, because with beauty there also comes a perceived sense of hope. Learn to enjoy marketing beauty salon products, services and websites well, and your business will grow accordingly.

Some very crucial tips you can consider for marketing for beauty salon:

•Provide a ‘guarantee’ of service satisfaction

•Don’t discount your products and services as it won’t give you an instant edge on the competition as in days gone by. Instead, add so called “free” value-add to your products and services when a customer’s purchase reaches a certain amount. This can take the form of either additional products or services to complement the ones paid for.

•Another great way to draw in customers while marketing beauty salon services is to get them to compete with each other. Hold a sweepstakes or some kind of prize for customer number “100” in the month of “March” for instance. Your prize could be anything from a basket of selected products from the range your salon carries, a few days at a local resort hotel or a complementary service package.

•Feel free to make big claims about your business, beauty marketing needs to be bold to be effective. If no one else in your town has stated that they’re ‘the best’, beat them to it and announce any special awards your business or staff achieve.

•Get online! Have a website built for your business – a simple ‘business card’ type one will do. But don’t let it languish – breathe life into it by using social media to keep it fresh – set up a Facebook fan page and link the two together.

When trying to grow your client base, remember to focus on them, and not your business. Identify the needs of your clients and the problems they have that you can solve. This thinking is at the core of any good beauty marketing campaign. You may have the nicest salon in town with the best equipment, but if your prospective clients don’t know how you can help them look and feel better, they will remain idle.

Beauty salon marketing is every bit as important to your business as the quality and range of the services and products you offer.