Beauty Skin

Whether it is Weight loss Or Beauty Skin care, people want to pass the “eat” to resolve. Therefore, we find out the beauty of man-made natural beauty from the kitchen to start with the ingredients . Rice, cucumber, soy and yogurt .
Function of rice cleaning, moisturizing , Lipstick . Rice is rich in vitamins, amino acids , and hydrochloric acid and other nutrients , moisture Taomi Shui , Lipstick effect of fame , becoming quite the reputation of the natural beauty . Taomi Shui rich in nutrients can also improve cell metabolism and prevent cell aging, strengthen the skin resistance. And mild texture without irritation. M Panned twice about the water will show ph5.5 weak acid , and then it gradually turned into ph7.2 about alkaline water , alkaline water, more cleaning power .
Soy anti-aging function , moisture and Whitening Skin. Isoflavones in soy has the role of estrogen , used in skin care , the Soy Isoflavones benefit the skin and restore its young state. Rub mud into the tofu curd evenly deposited on the face , combined with gentle Massage After 15 minutes, wash with water. Tofu mask deposited twice a week for a month , you will find skin become white and tender friends.
Function of moisturizing Yogurt , update horny. The yogurt directly deposited in the skin , or the strawberries , bananas and other fruits rich in vitamin skin broken , even reconcile the surface covered with yogurt massage, can be moisturizing, nourishes the skin. No stimulation of the characteristics of yogurt , is also very suitable for calm soothing after-sun skin . Yogurt has fat burning for better results , the daily meal replacement to yogurt , can be achieved Lose weight Weight-loss results.
Cucumber function of cleansing, skin care, the anti-wrinkle care. Cucumber is rich in water , vitamin c, carotenoids and protein , calcium , phosphorus, iron and other nutrients , is very high reputation of beauty ingredients. Surface covered with cucumber slices massage. Excess intake of calories has the role of the skin , the skin can eliminate the heat sense of calm skin , while supplies of water , especially for control dull skin caused by the sun , spots , rough and other issues.

Home optical germinal apparatus, the principle is the wavelength of 655nm through the release of trace laser, to stimulate the hair follicle cells lose their energy state , to restore vitality, while inhibiting DHT on the hair follicle damage , so the hair regeneration. But only for men caused by DHT -based Hair Loss Problem , so for the other because of the pressure , skin infections, inflammation and hair loss caused by the immune system does not help . The other existing FDA approved its use on the men only , although there are reports of women proved equally effective , but still needs further research to support its validation. Longer Hair growth cycle for the instrument to use at least four to six months , it may bear fruit.

Nail Popular culture in Hong Kong for many years, most of the past , Ms. Love manicure and nail polish , the trend of recent years by Japan , acrylics are also popular in Hong Kong . Colorful crystal nail polish and a changing shape can beautify nails though , but the beauty hidden behind the original health crisis ? I believe a woman did know that Crystal , the production process is rather complex , including filing a skin, a polished surface, water and glue applicator , paint , varnish , etc. on the glitter and painted a number of steps , frequently require an hour or two Or even longer. A crystal of its process of doing multiple steps are likely to cause injury to the nail , from time to time because the nails turn yellow and dull , Ms. while the treatment. Poor Long-term use may cause the nail polish is more brittle and easy to collapse . Therefore, we have to stay a high-quality Beauty Services Centre for manicure, nail and other beauty services.