Bedtime Beauty Tips to Pamper your Skin

Everyone should follow an appropriate bedtime beauty regimen. Looking and feeling good all day and night keeps a woman’s confidence levels high. Although life has become very hectic these days, women certainly make time for themselves when it comes to pampering themselves for beauty sake. The desire to look attractive has always been an innate characteristic of every woman since the very dawn of civilization.

A major benefit of bedtime beauty pampering is better results from the products used normally, as in the day time, the action of products gets interfered with due to exposure to sunlight, dust, sweat, and other pollutants in the air. The skin absorbs the application better and facilitates better rejuvenation and repair.

Also, creams and lotions that one tends to avoid using during the day due to their stickiness can be applied at night. There are no disadvantages of beautifying oneself before bedtime, provided the products used are hypoallergenic or natural. It is advisable to use FDA approved products rather than local preparations.

Never leave your make-up on when you go to sleep. Moisturize your skin before going to bed to keep your skin looking youthful and feeling fresh. A fragrant lotion could also mentally soothe the person by virtue of its aroma. Brush your hair using a wide-toothed comb to evenly spread the natural oily secretions of the scalp over the hair and to improve the blood circulation of the scalp.

Preferably use satin bed sheets and pillows to avoid excessive friction with hair and skin. This will reduce the chances of hair breaking and creases on the skin that can trigger wrinkles in the future. Lips do not have any sebaceous glands like the rest of the skin and therefore, application of a lip balm at night will keep them soft even in the morning. Wearing gloves and socks after moisturizing the hands and feet will trap the moisture and leave the skin over them soft and supple.

Application of olive oil over the skin after a bath will moisturize it. Alternatively, milk cream can be applied over the hands and legs to keep them well moisturized so that they remain soft and youthful. Wash your face with gram flour, a natural cleansing agent.

Vinegar can be applied to the hair to condition it naturally. Mashed cucumber placed over closed eyes can help to soothe them, whereas placing slices of potato over them can help to reduce dark circles. Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to sweat it out