Best Health and beauty Food Stores in Oklahoma

Best Health and beauty Food Stores in Oklahoma

Best Health and beauty Food Stores in Oklahoma
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By PhoenixV

When I think of health food stores in Oklahoma, I immediately think of The Earth. The Earth Natural Foods store is located very near the campus of Oklahoma University on Flood Street.

The Earth has been in Norman for many, many years. The staff at The Earth are very knowledgeable and will spend time answering just about any question you have on health and beauty food and homeopathic products.

The Earth is a very cute and colorful building and if you would like to see a picture of the store on their Myspace you can click here.

When I feel like going on a health and beauty kick and the foods and vitamins or medicines you normally buy at supermarkets don’t seem to work, I head for The Earth. The Earth has just about anything you would expect from a franchise health food store except The Earth has charm and a  caring, personable staff. I highly recommend this store!

In Oklahoma we also have Akins Natural Food stores. I am going to mention the two that I have been to. One of the Akins Natural Food stores is located in Tulsa and the other is in Oklahoma City. I think they have franchises in a few other states also.

Akins Natural Foods has a website and you can visit it here. Akins is a larger type store when compared to The Earth. They have a wide range of health foods, vitamins, health and beauty aids as well as everything else under the sun. They sell fresh produce, assorted health foods and the devices or appliances needed to prepare them. Its a health food supermarket!

For me personally, the franchise health food places that have turned the health  and beauty food industry into more of a commercial venture cannot hold a candle to The Earth or types of stores like them or Akins. When I want health food or health products I want to go to a place like The Earth in Norman, Oklahoma and not some place on the corner where I swipe a credit card and get a bottle of pills in a small white plastic bag.