Doing Business in Florida is Great – Except the Labor Supply

Some folks complain that Florida being an “employment at will” state is not such a great place to work. And yet, if you look at the innovation, economic development, and unemployment rates during periods of economic expansion, well, it seems to be a great place to have a job; that is if you really wish to work.

As a retired franchiser, I’ve done a ton of business on the Great Sand Bar State of Florida, and we have liked it; it is good for business people wanting to start a business. But, I must say much of the labor in FL, or at least some of the segments of the population really do not wish to work. There are also unfortunately too many druggies and too many squirrely people. Of course for a state with so much sunshine, you can perhaps understand why no one really wants to work.

There are also issues of employee pilferage, although this may be a factor of the drug usage as a percentage of the population. So, we’ve found the best people you can hire in FL come from up North and make Florida their homes, and since they’ve come from other areas where there is more work ethic, they seem to work harder; on average.

So, when it comes to issues of ‘right to work’ states and benefits from employers; I’d say many of the more laid back and easy going displacement workers, well they have not really earned their benefits anyway. And on top of that an employer should be able to fire any employee at will, it’s their company.

Many employees like to blame the employers, however, most employees tell little white lies on applications, and promise to work hard; then screw off once hired; that is a breach of contract. Thus, they should be terminated. That is if you can find a replacement, which is difficult in places like Florida with high unemployment.

Competition in labor markets is vital to productivity and profits. Unions take away that competition, causing decreases in productivity and increased cost, rendering the business worthless, then “everyone loses” when the company goes out of business. You see, in that case no one gains and it’s all for not. So, why do it? Which is exactly the point, and why business start-ups in states with the laws the other way and economic expansion is to difficult.