Hairdressing Colleges Vs Apprenticeships

When you are training for your hairdressing career, you have the choice of going to one of the excellent hairdressing colleges that are available in your area, choosing a trainee job at your local salon, or you can choose an apprenticeship in a salon.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these methods.

For the apprenticeship and training job options, one of the benefits is that you can earn an income while you are learning a new profession. This can be a powerful incentive if money is an issue. In addition, you can be developing a loyal clientele while you are learning your new career. This can mean that once you have been approved as a hairdresser, you already have a client list developed so that you can maximize your earning potential right away.

The main drawback for this type of way for learning how to be a hairdresser is the time involved. It can take up to three years for you to become a hairdresser by using this type of method.

If you go to a college to learn hairdressing, you will learn the newest techniques. You can also train at your own pace and complete the different units required for your National Vocational Qualification. This will allow you to measure your accomplishments will encourage you because you will be able to see your progress.

The main drawback for the college option is that you will not be working while you are learning. While this is not normally a problem for someone who is younger and living at home, this might be an issue if you are older and trying to make a career change or if you are living on your own and you have bills to pay while you’re trying to do your training.

Hairdressing colleges are an excellent option if you want to study how to be a hairdresser. While you can choose to use the apprenticeship option, going to college can be faster and more educational.