Story of the Faucet Store Beauty

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Unfortunately, Ann was one of the college students who were about to graduate in the following summer. When looking for a job before graduation, she was rebuffed by many companies, which said they did not need more staff members or they did not have a good position for her. As a result, every day, Ann went out with hopes and came back in disappointment. Remembering the days when she first entered the college and had great ambitions, she had only a loss in her mind.
Finally, she had to compromise and accepted a job offer in a faucet store, selling faucet parts, which required her to work even on weekends.
As we can imagine, she did not like the job at all in the very beginning, as she thought it was a humble one. However, something happened later changed her opinion.
As she looked not bad, on her first day of work in the store, her appearance made several people astonished. They did not understand “why would such a beautiful girl work in a faucet store”. Then, one day, a handsome young man came to the store for some faucet parts. By first sight, his eyes were caught by Ann, maybe because they were about the same age and appearance. From their conversation, Ann got to know that he was also a new college graduate and worked in a small company. He lived nearby in an old house he rented, of which he had to fix the things inside frequently, like the faucet.
His story was congenial to Ann’s experiences. They soon fell in love. And, from then on, there were more joy in the faucet store. The young man always came to see Ann in the store on weekends with some gifts for her, like snacks, coffee and so on. Though they could not make much noise in the store, they still felt very happy staying together. For most of the time, the young man would be just sitting there quietly and seeing Ann who was busy selling the faucet parts.
Thanks to her excellent performance, Ann got promoted to be a manager from store assistant. Then, she had a lot of time for drinking coffee, but drinking coffee with that handsome young man was still the happiest thing she’d like to do. As a matter of fact, they had planned to get married when the economy recovered.
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