Sulfate Free Beauty Products

In this article we’ll explore the advantages to sulfate free products. 

Most mainstream shampoos contain sulfates. Sulfates are responsible for creating the rich, bubbly lather we love. They are cheap and easy to obtain costing a quarter per pound. The most expensive sulfates run only a dollar a pound. Sulfates are excellent cleaners, good at dissolving oil and dirt. Therefore, they work really well in body washes and shampoo. Sulfates make products easy to thicken. All that is needed is salt.

Sulfate free products, on the other hand, are much more expensive and likely do not form as great of a rich lather. They also are more difficult to thicken.

However, sulfates dry out your hair and skin. Products that are sulfate free are much milder. They don’t strip your hair and skin of its natural oils. For people who have dry or colored hair, sulfate free products are very good. In addition, sulfates are what cause shampoo to sting when it gets into your eyes. Sulfate free products are often labeled “tear-free” because it doesn’t sting.

The main sulfates found in shampoos are sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Both of these are very harsh. They are found in many other cleaning products such as toothpaste.

When you damage hair follicles with harsh products, you may end up with hair loss. Additionally, the money you pay to have your hair colored may go down the drain because the sulfates strip the color.

Consider trying natural or organic shampoos to see if you notice a difference in you hair. Look for products made with glycerine or glucosides. These come from corn and sugar and will give you lots of lather while keeping your hair silky and shiny. On the bottle, these are often labeled decyl glucodisde or coco-glucoside.

Sulfate shampoos are more expensive. However, you might be able to save money on color treatments or moisturizer. Experiment with different brands to see if you are a fan. Shampoos with sulfate are not dangerous and will still clean. However, they might not leave hair as silky as it could be. If you are looking to save money, inn addition to sulfate free, try baby shampoos. These can provide similar results.